Dear prayer partners for Ensemble Au Québec / Together In Quebec, we want to share information’s to encourage you to persevere in your intercession for us. 

April 22nd, conference in Rimouski: One week before this conference, we had a total of 6 registrations. Should we hold it or cancel. However, we got a clear sign from God and a conviction in our hearts to go forward. We got an additional confirmation, through a prophecy: “Go, take this region for God and he will give you the necessary tools to accomplish it.” We, in fact, went forward, and beyond our expectations there over fifty participants, form all generations. Thank you, Lord for your FIDELITY and PROVISION.

April 29th, conference in Drummondville: The participation exceeded 100 persons. The presence of the Holy Spirit felt in all aspects; worship, messages and time of prayer at the altar.  We elected to take a “love” offering for Rimouski’s conference in 2018.  The offering was $525.  Next year this conference will be free, only the meal will be charged. Thank you God for all you did and will do for 2018 ! 

June 27th/17, breakfast in Drummondville: After this breakfast, a participant sent us an E-Mail confirming that her arm was completely healed during the alter call at the end of that breakfast.  Glory to God ! 

Upcoming events:

  1. DRUMMONDVILLE – Saturday, October 21, 2017 at Hotel Le Dauphin.
    ​1st Pastors & Leaders conference
    Our guests: Rev. Bob Loohuizen, Pierre Bergeron and Ginette Boisclair
  2. RIMOUSKI – Saturday, April 21, 2018, at La maison de mon Père.
    2nd 50+ Conference – Now open to all generations !
    (Free registration, all you pay for is the meal)
    Our guests: Rev. Bob Loohuizen and Rev. Claude Favreau
  3. DRUMMONDVILLE – Saturday, April 28, 2018, at Hotel Le Dauphin.
    7th 50+ conference – Now open to all generations !
    Our guests: Rev. Bob Loohuizen and Pastor Jen-François Denis)

For these three 50+ conferences, pray that God works powerfully and that His Holy Spirit touches many people. 

That many pastors and leaders participate in all our conferences.

That Ensemble au Québec / Together in Quebec will find favor with all our governments. 

The Leadership team of Ensemble au Québec / Together in Quebec:
Pastors: John A. Binns & Denise, Bob Loohuizen & Anne, Guy Martin and Nicole